BTC exchange rate and halving 2023, expert opinion. The beginning of bottom formation.

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BTC exchange rate and halving: historically it turned out that the bottom in BTC began to form +- 470 days before the next halving.
Many industry experts expect the Halving (expected in April 2024) to be the most important driver of the next bull market in BTC this time (just like in all previous times).
BTC exchange rate dynamics and halving. The current trend so far continues to fit the pattern of behavior of the BTC exchange rate in past cycles (days after the halving and as we approach the next halving), the halving is inevitable.

BTC and Halving exchange rate dynamics
Expert Opinion:
CEO Huobi: the next halving in 2024 … Growth can be expected after that … Kiptozyma may last until 2025.

The CEO of Morgan Creek predicts the beginning of the next bull market in BTC in 2024. The catalyst will be another halving.

CEO of Bitkub crypto exchange: the next bull market in BTC is expected in 2024 – when another Halving will take place

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Willy Woo: BTC has completely changed macro cycles, now the dynamics are less dependent on halving – (selebrity analyst Willy Woo: BTC has completely changed macro cycles. Previously, macro cycles in BTC were driven by halving.
Now macro cycles have become less predictable and have begun to be driven by supply/demand from the complex ecosystem. Willy Woo thinks that the current cycle in BTC is close to the bottom and there is no limit to growth at all)

PlanB starts to expect rally in BTC in 2024 after another

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