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Affiliate link cloaking for your work. Ads cloaking is just what you need. Many marketers and not only use gray and black methods of promotion, which are banned by advertising networks. Such methods can bring more profits than those that are officially allowed. On this page we will tell you what a cloak is and what programs are used to cloak

Our cloaking service protects you from bots and unwanted visitors to your websites

Our cloaking service protects you from bots and unwanted visitors to your websites. A cloak for marketers and arbitrageurs is a way of distributing traffic, in which you show different page content to different people and bots. For example, to the moderators of ad networks and bots, a “white” landing page that complies with the rules of the network, and to targeted visitors, a more aggressive, “black” landing page that violates bans. Affiliate link cloaking let’s get to know them better.

Affiliate link cloaking
cloaking service protects

Web Traffic brings you the best affiliate link cloakers

Keitaro Optimization of advertising campaigns, CPA-arbitrage, tracking the effectiveness of traffic attraction channels, site protection. Keitaro supports a large number of redirects, allows to perform different actions: displaying HTML page, error output, JS code execution and external content loading. Split traffic between offers, landing pages and offers+landings bundles. Possibility to edit on-the-fly links directly in the tracker. Redirects: HTTP-redirect, double meta-redirect, JS-redirect, redirect with empty redirect, redirect for iframe/script. Actions: show text or HTML page, open in frame, CURL or redirect to another campaign. Ability to add your own redirects and actions. Display banners, contextual ads, popups, popunders and other ads in a frame and directly in the context of the page of your site. Ability to replace all the campaign threads that have already been moderated in the advertising network.

zeustrack is the perfect tool for CPA arbitrage, regardless of the type of traffic. Track the results of your campaigns, place servers. Zeustrack is made for people. You don’t need to be a system administration guru or spend precious time trying to pile many different tools together. CPA arbitrage should be simple! Everything you need for successful campaigns is already packed into one interface of Zeustrack. (Blackhole) is a cloud cloak without frills or any of the complexities that can inconvenience users. The most obvious reason for Blackhole’s appeal is its pricing policy. The cost of working in the system for 30 days is $25, and you can work with 10 connected domains and 35 campaigns

Fair Lab

Fair Lab is a service that allows you to create masking links. The main difference from our competitors is that our links are of incomparably high quality. We use a neural network specially trained for this purpose to analyze the conversions. This allows us to achieve high results with minimal effort on the part of our clients. is a tool to protect content from spyservices, bots, moderators. The project was created in 2019. The tariff package offers unlimited traffic, ipv6 filtering. How to get started with Before you buy a paid package, try to use the tools of the service in the trial mode



NoIPFraud’s industry-leading service is aimed at helping online marketers detect fraud. Through our comprehensive real-time fraud screening system, marketers can accurately detect and automatically flag attempted fraud before it happens. We have screened billions of clicks since 2011



Reduce traffic fraud and increase profitability. provides a real-time web traffic filtering platform, screens every visitor using different data points leads to increased operational efficiency.


Linktrackr. Link Cloaking Made Easy. Double Your Profits With Accurate Tracking. 10-Year Proven Track Record & Over 12,000 Users. Shorten & Cloak Your Affiliate Links Easily. Works With All Popular Affiliate Networks. Rotate Links & Split Test Landing Pages or Offers. Insert Retargeting Codes On Any Cloaked Link. Redirect Based On Geo, Click Limits & Expiration Dates. Works Seamlessly With Google Analytics to track, analyze, optimize and scale online advertising campaigns and affiliate programs in real-time: Track all your advertising campaigns; Analyze data for actionable insights; Optimize ad performance; Scale your affiliate business

Cloak IT

Cloak IT: The top service for protecting your webpages from bots, spy services and any unwanted traffic. Using the most advanced algorithms and technologies, we have developed the most reliable service. Our advanced platform protects your website from unwanted traffic in real time. Real-time visitor statistics. Block unwanted traffic, spy services, anonymous and private proxies, vpn and bots of all types. Works with all advertising sources. Large number of filters such as: geo, isp, ip, device, referer, user agent, url. Our database of bots and unwanted traffic already counts 800 thousand ip and is updated daily.

Just Cloak

Just Cloak It is a boutique private service for IP Fraud Prevention and traffic cloaking specifically aimed at on-line marketers who are interested in improving their Lead Quality & ROI by protecting their links and reducing fraudulent traffic. We currently monitor millions of visits daily and serve over 4,000 clients worldwide. Our IP Fraud Prevention platform and cloaking blocks fraud and undesired visits in real-time thus keeping our clients’ websites secured & sealed from undesired traffic. Just Cloak It, originally designed for filtering “bad” visits and reduce fraud, supports the major networks as well as monitoring organic visits and traffic. By using our advanced cloaking platform, you can view your traffic in real-time, set custom filters and apply other advanced features & modules to come up with the perfect, most suited, settings of your campaigns.

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