Best browsers for privacy

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Best browsers for privacy are anti-detect browsers

Learn that the best browsers for privacy are those with detection protection – programs that spoof your browser fingerprint, make your browsing experience unique, and allow you to handle multiple advertising or social accounts simultaneously. There are plenty of products on the market that promise total privacy. That’s why we’ve looked at popular options. Manage your web traffic the way you want.

Choose your best browsers for privacy Anti-detection browsers

Best browsers for privacy
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AntBrowser is a professional tool for working with an unlimited number of accounts from one computer. AntBrowser is a versatile, high-quality tool that is guaranteed to make your work easier and, as a result, increase your income.

AdsPower is an anti-detect browser for managing multiple logins. It provides users with separate environments with different IP addresses and time zones for each individual account, replacing multiple devices with virtual browser profiles


Accovod. The program for convenient and safe work with accounts in social networks


Dolphin. Manage advertisingof all Facebook accountsin one window

OCTOBROWSER. Versatile ANTI DETECT, providing maximum protection against browser identification. Real fingerprints, teamwork and complete privacy.
multilogin is a service offering to replace real computers with a virtual browser profile. The project was developed in 2017. The site’s tools allow to create fake profiles, spoof ip-addresses, send false information about the type of operating system, screen resolution


Ghost v. To Glide Smoothly and Effortlessly. Multi-session browsing Identities and dedicated Workspaces in your Browser will help you breeze through your work day.

Linken Sphere. The browser has fingerprint protection and spoofing systems (GPU, Audio, Canvas, Plugins, Fonts, ClientRects, Ubercookies). No one can recognize your hardware configuration if you work with Linken Sphere – it will protect you from any attempt to identify


KAMELEO. Using Kameleo on your PC and the Kameleo Mobile app on your Android device, you are free to use thousands of real Android and iOS mobile profiles. You can customize them to your liking and browse the web with 100% privacy.


Gologin. Browser with detection protection for multi-accounts. Creating and managing multiple browser profiles on websites


AEZAKMI  – is a detection-protected browser for working safely with multi-accounts, traffic arbitrage, betting forks, as well as contextual advertising and SMM. You can replace virtual machines or multiple computers with AEZAKMI while remaining invisible to fraud protection systems.


MultiBrowser. SAFE, FAST AND EASY TESTING Real web browsers with a sandbox, as well as a set of tests for adaptive design simulators, mobile devices, iPhone and iPad that can be run offline in your desktop environment!


Fraudfox. The way your browser (especially the browser plug-ins used) is configured, along with the details of your operating system, allows unambiguous identification (and tracking) with an alarmingly high degree of accuracy. A particularly insidious (and ironic) aspect of this is that the more measures you take to avoid tracking (such as using privacy plugins), the more unique your browser fingerprint becomes.

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