Advantage of digital marketing

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Before we understand the advantage of digital marketing, let’s define digital-marketing. Digital-marketing is a broad term that includes all the marketing channels and methods you can use to promote products or services online as well as on electronic devices, television, mobile devices and electronic billboards.

The main difference between digital and traditional marketing is that digital marketing uses exclusively digital channels, and this gives marketers more control, tools and data to analyze the effectiveness of campaigns.

Advantage of digital marketing
Omni channel technology of online retail business. Multichannel marketing on social media network platform offer service of internet payment channel, online retail shopping and omni digital app.

What are the advantages of digital marketing

What are the advantages of digital marketing is the ability to build communication with the target audience where they spend the most time. As we all know, today it is online. The Internet is replacing television. Only 20 years ago TV was the main source of information and channel for interaction with the world, but today users like to communicate online – through applications, websites and social networks.

In addition, unlike most offline marketing efforts, digital marketing allows marketers to see concrete, measurable results, and in real time. If you’ve run a newspaper ad at least once, you understand how difficult it is to track the actual number of people interested in your ad. And there’s no reliable way to know if that ad has generated sales. Using digital marketing, you can actually estimate ROI (return on investment) for literally every marketing area.

Multi-channel campaign management for unlimited growth

One of the verticals that gives the Advantage of Digital Marketing is Multi-Channel Campaign Management for unlimited growth. Below we take a look at some of the most interesting projects that exist on the market right now. And don’t forget to give them a try, as almost all of them offer a free trial. Then share your impressions with us on social networks or in the comments.

Instapage is where conversions happen

Instapage is where conversions happen. Customers like you get up to 400% more from their digital ad spend with Instapage, the most advanced landing page platform.

Six products, one advanced platform. Unlike other single product solutions on the market, Instapage includes six products and hundreds of features built specifically to help you increase your advertising conversion rates.

  • Landing Pages
    Create relevant, on-brand, mobile-responsive post-click landing pages and experiences without a developer.
  • Personalization
    Increase visitor engagement and conversions with unique landing page experiences for every ad and target audience.
  • Experimentation
    Optimize your post-click landing pages for higher conversions with detailed heatmaps, A/B and multivariate testing, and robust analytics.
  • AdMap®
    Visualize your ad campaigns and effortlessly connect ads to relevant post-click landing pages all in one place.
  • Collaboration
    Launch campaigns faster with intuitive workflows that let teams work better together.
  • Page Speed
    Capture visitor attention right away with lightning-fast landing pages that load nearly instantly.

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Supercharge your sales team with Reply
14-day free trial. No credit card required

Supercharge your sales team with Reply. Reply is a sales engagement platform that helps you automate & scale multichannel outreach, so you can generate more leads, acquire new customers and grow revenue faster.

Here’s how our platform can help you scale your outreach

  • Find prospects on LinkedIn. Use our Chrome Extension to find verified emails on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator, add those leads directly to your outreach sequence or save them to a list.
  • Engage across multiple channels. Combine emails, calls, LinkedIn, SMS and WhatsApp messages into a multichannel sequence, generate and complete tasks to reach your prospects wherever they are.
  • Sell better with the power of AI. Improve your emails with AI-backed text quality scoring and keep an eye on your ‘Interested’ folder for the hottest leads sorted out by our intelligent algorithm.
  • Track and analyze your progress. Find out which sequence steps drive better results, A/B test your messages and see how your team performs over time with in-depth reporting.

Easily integrate with the tools you already use. Leverage a whole bunch of native CRM integrations, robust API, and the power of Zapier to automatically sync your data and keep records up to date.

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Intelligent, Right-Sized Service Management Solution for the Modern Enterprise. Extend digital capabilities and deliver exceptional employee experiences with an intuitive, scalable, no code solution

Freshservice customers see a 308% ROI. A Forrester Total Economic Impact Study Commissioned by Freshworks.

Usher in the next-generation Service Management solution. Freshservice’s intuitive, intelligent, no-code solution acts as a force multiplier, helping businesses of all sizes achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and greater ROI

  • Do more with powerful automations. Automate repetitive tasks with powerful workflow automation and augment support with virtual agents & AI-powered chatbots
  • Accelerate service delivery. Integrate service management on a single platform to bridge silos, improve time to resolution, reduce costs and improve visibility
  • Deploy quickly and at scale. Rapidly develop enterprise-grade customizations with Freshservice’s no-code platform. Get expert onboarding, migration services and 24×7 support

Try Freshservice for free, and explore all the features you need to manage service delivery  across your organization

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The right-sized, intelligent service management solution for the modern enterprise

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Individual approach

Acquire. Engage. Convert. Marketing Automation: Simplified. Maximize revenue with our cloud-based marketing automation platform designed for multi-channel customer engagement. Turn Prospects into Customers with Maropost’s Digital Marketing Platform. Achieve greater audience engagement, customer acquisition and sales growth through our marketing and email automation. Maropost provides advanced reporting, powerful segmentation, email automation and more.

  • Acquire. Drag & Drop Forms. Custom Landing Pages. Social Media Scheduling. Social Media Campaigns. Web Tracking
  • Engage. Marketing Emails. SMS & Push Notifications. A/B Multivariate Testing. Acquisition Automation. Abandoned Cart
  • Convert. Transactional Emails. SMS & Push Notifications. Social Media Calendar. Journey Automation. A/B Multivariate Reporting

Maropost for Your Industry. No matter the industry Maropost will help you connect to your clients.

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Grow your business better and faster. One tool for sales, marketing, and customer support. Treat all of your customers like close friends. Achieving growth and unity within your company is possible with Erxes

  • Stay in sync. Bring all of your messaging and collaboration into one tool that scales as your business grows
  • Build better relationships. Achieve better team collaboration and closer connections with your customers
  • Scale up your business. Optimize your growth operation and scale up properly
  • Greater customer journey. Help twice as many customers in half the time and create brand advocates

Erxes is a single application for the complete Growth Marketing lifecycle Replace up to five costly apps with one account.
See how Erxes compares to Front + Intercom + Pipedrive + Mailchimp + GrowthHackers.

Trusted by thousands of companies across the world. Erxes empowers businesses to achieve world-class customer engagement without the costly fees

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Make your work easier with Productive
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Make your work easier with Productive. The Only Tool You Need to Run a Profitable Agency

  • Built for agencies and consultancies
  • Make informed decisions with key metrics in real time
  • Stop managing your agency in spreadsheets

Deliver Entire Workflows in One Platform. Stop juggling multiple tools. Manage your agency in one place, end-to-end.

  • Monitor profitability in real-time.Tracking profitability on projects in real-time makes it easier and faster for you to react to problems and course-correct to fix them.
  • Focus on profitability. Run every project like a separate P&L
  • Manage retainers. Automate that pesky repetitive work around monthly retainers
  • Prepare for the future. Our forecasting reports let you know where your business is going

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customization you need to manage your team and run profitable projects.
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