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The best ad spy tool is a program or programs that determine the profitable strategies of your competitors. By using them in your campaigns, you will increase the CTR and the number of conversions.

Ad spy of social networks and search engines

Ad spy of social networks and search engines

Ad spy of social networks and search engines, what are the benefits? Finding working connections, testing new creatives takes up to 76% of a marketer’s and arbitrator’s time and a significant portion of the money allocated. Do you have to waste your budget on tests? Is it possible to automate the process or at least learn how to find connections quickly? Is there a universal way to catch the mood of the audience and immediately launch a campaign with a high ROI? Our answer is Yes. Maybe if you monitor the market and spy on your competitors to see which creatives work best. Some people do this by hand. You have to revise a bunch of ads, enter dozens of different queries, use a VPN to swap your location and see ads for the selected GEO. Either way, it’s time consuming.

How to spy on competitors ads in social networks

How to spy on competitors ads in social networks. You will find the answer to this question in the description of each spy service. Because each of them has its own set of advantages. We have collected only the best offers on the market. And so, the capabilities of SPY services:

  • Search for creatives in the chosen niche;
  • Detection of trends – you can see what is now promoted the best;
  • Analytics: statistics, information on targeting settings;
  • Search for working links.

Best ad spy tool-You can Try for free these services

WHAT ADSPY can do for you
1,000 ad impressions for free

The powerful software that keeps top advertisers innovating and holds social media organizations to account for their content. AdSpy is the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads in the world. Using our unparalleled array of data and innovative search functionality, uncovering the ads that you need to see becomes a simple task.

WHAT ADSPY can do for you. Comprehensive data from social media sites puts you in control of the fastest developing advertising platforms on the internet. Global coverage lets you assess the world’s trends without compromise. Exhaustive search and filter features will uncover the ads that you and your company need to know about, and the simple interface will help you discover them with ease.


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Subscribe to AdSpy for $149 USD $99.00 USD monthly for 1 month, then $149 USD monthly. Exclusive offer thanks to our affiliate.

Without AdMobiSpy 70% of the budget can be spent on ineffective CA
free trial

We monitor everything that moves! Google ads, myTarget, Popups, Mobile ads, Full access. With AdMobiSpy you’re sure that spend your traffic dollars more efficiently! Amazing boost for your campaign:

  • Quick and easy search. More than 15 filters & keywords search are available
  • All around the world. Compare different advertising strategies for different GEO’s
  • Comprehensive statistics. See what competitors are trying to conceal from you!
  • Effective landing pages. Achieve success by actively applying the successful solutions
  • One-click downloading. For thousands of different ads and landing pages
  • Mass download function. fill become your favorite one and will save your time
  • Extended filters. will help to find the best solutions which suits you
    Mapping relations. For ads and websites 
  1. $299 per month Get access to Google ads                                          
  2. $199 per month Get access to Mobile network     
  3. $149 per month Get access to Popup ads
  4. $49 per month Get access to myTarget ads

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Without AdMobiSpy 70% of the budget can be spent on ineffective CA

Anstrex Native

ANSTREX – Analyze. Strategize. Execute. We help you improve your ROI by unlocking your competitors’ marketing strategies. Our Product Portfolio. We build awesome experiences geared towards our customers’ needs. Our products are refined constantly to better serve our users.

  • Anstrex Native. Create successful native advertising campaigns today by following your competitors and get more for your ad spend.
  • Anstrex Push. Dominate advertising with push notifications by spying on the most profitable advertisers and marketers.
  • Anstrex Dropship. Find the most popular direct-to-consumer products and manage your store from a single platform .

Easily integrate with multiple platforms. See how Anstrex integrates with other useful platforms to boost your productivity.

  • Shopify. Fully automate shopify store management with our shopify app and Chrome browser extension.
  • Woo Commerce. Automate your ordering process and store management with our woo commerce plugin and Chrome browser extension.
  • AliExpress. Easily import products from AliExpress into your store with our Chrome browser extension.
  • AWS. Directly export your landing pages to AWS S3 baskets with our ripper and landing page deployment tool.
  • Digital Ocean. Import your landing pages directly into Digital Ocean instances from our tool.

 FREE / MOnth → 

Marketers of all stripes use Anstrex to unlock the secrets of world-class advertisers. Talk to us about your unique challenge and see if we can help.

5 requests a day for free

BigSpy #1-ADS SPY TOOL. ADs Include Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Pinterest… Recommended By Neil Patel, ATP Software, Thanh, Ricky, Akash, Melnick, Alok …

Multi-platforms. Including ads from 6+ major social networks.Large Ads Database. Intuitive database and continuous analysis of over 1 billion ads.

  • Powerful search. Search and filter by ad type, country, format, industry, CTA, date …
  • Selected listings. Daily trending ads selected based on big data and our intelligence.
  • Tracked People. Discover new ideas or niches every day, tracked by thousands of users
  • My Trackable. Tracking the performance curve or scheduling ad impressions as you see fit
  • Favorite ads. Find all the ads people are following – saving time and money.
  • Get niches and insights with social proof and real-time data to track activity as it occurs.


Pricing Plans
Choose your best plan, and the subscription will automatically renew every month before you unsubscribe.

The system automatically selects winning or popular ads on a daily basis with the intelligence you need to reduce advertising costs and maximize profitability.

Monitor ads from all over the world
Get familiar with Macaw for free

The ultimate ads spy tool. Monitor ads from all over the world. Macaw is a social networks ads library. The database includes all publicly available information on millions of ads and is updated every minute. Mobile advertising market. If mobile advertising is the future, the future is now, and you should always keep your finger on the pulse.

  • All possible geographies
  • Facebook, Instagram, myTarget & other
  • All existing formats                                                                                  Save both time and money on the preparation and testing of advertising campaigns: find ads of your interest, filter out those that have not passed tests and get the best ones.
  • Search by text, links, apps & geo
  • Download videos, images or whole ads
  • Detailed information for each ad
  • Summary analytics on apps
  • Ads monitoring by request

 Free access for newcomers → 

The ultimate ads spy tool
Free access for newcomers. Fair and simple pricing for professionals.

We give insights to advertisers, agencies and media buyers. ADVERTISER. Track how agencies and contractors are advertising your products. AGENCY. Keep up to date with all trends and tendencies of mobile offers market. MEDIA BUYER. Find best performing creatives and improve your conversion rates.

AdPeriscope Lets You Find The Exact Data That You Want
No trial

Get A Complete Picture Of The Entire Ad Campaign. Extraordinary Set Of Features Exclusively on AdPeriscope. Virtual Goldmine For The Performance & Affiliate Marketers. Our Spy Tool is Super Charging Their ROI. Unlock the Secrets of Profitable Adult Advertising Campaigns by Spying on Your Competition:

  • Campaigns From 50+ Countries Covering Every Continent
  • Find Exact Banners Using Keywords
  • Access All Major Adult Ad Networks (More Than Any Tool)
  • Crush Competition With Access To Largest Banner Inventory
  • Find Hidden Campaigns Being Run On 150+ Mobile Carriers
  • Download Any Landing Page & Deploy It On Your Server
  • Uncover The Most Profitable Sites To Run Your Campaigns
  • Keep An Eye On Your Competition & Get Alerted

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AdPeriscope Lets You Find The Exact Data That You Want. No Other Tool Comes Even Close…. Don’t Settle For Partial Data… ONLY $89.99/MO PER USER


Allowing YOU to profit BIG without spending ANY money testing ads that don’t work. SEE HOW POWERADSPY WORKS IN 3 EASY STEPS

  • TARGET AUDIENCE. Enter Your Target audience Filters (Age, Audience, Keywords, competitors)
  • VIEW RESULTS. View Active & Past Campaigns, Landing pages & Results from Any Advertiser online
  • COPY & IMPLEMENT. Copy & Implement The ads that work so you don’t waste money on ads that don’t!

PowerAdSpy Strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Native, GDN Advertising. Nothing in the world of marketing is constant, marketers have to keep themselves updated with new technology everyday. Technologies are changing upside-down everyday and so are marketing tactics. We have 1000s of people around the world watching ads and submitting the best ad copies to us for building our database of ads. You as a marketer can use these ads based on the niche of your business, now you have the power to create your Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Native, GDN, Reddit, Quora Ads compared to what your existing competitors are doing.

 $0 — 100 SEARCHES / 1000 ADS FOR 10 DAYS →

8 Social Media Platforms
Simple and affordable pricing as per your requirements with 8 Social Media Platforms
[ Facebook, Instagram , Google, Youtube, Native, GDN, Reddit, Quora ]

Want to spy on social ads
No trial

Want to spy on social ads? Access millions of social ad examples from around the world. Millions of social ads from 21 countries.Packed with unparalleled features:

  • Detailed search filters
    Search by text, URLs, redirects (ie. “voluum”), demographic information, geographic location, type of ad, performance indicators, when it was seen, the type of device, and more!
  • Exact targeting details
    Until now, you had to “guess” targeting based on who saw the ads. We show you the exact targeting! Example: “50+ year olds in Canada”, even if one 60 year old female saw it.
  • Detailed observations
    We provide extensive breakdowns; including timelines, when and how often an ad was seen, how it ranked, who saw it and how many times, the devices it was seen on, etc.
  • Interact with live ads
    In our search results, we provide you with the actual ad’s screenshot. Clicking through shows a local copy of the ad that you can interact with; including playing any videos!
  • Download landing pages
    No more dead or cloaked pages! We store all the landing pages – including their dependencies like images, videos, scripts and style sheets – in a compressed file to download.
  • Landing page details
    We visit each ad’s destination link using methods to defeat cloakers, log all the redirects, take a screenshot of the final page, permanently save it to download, and provide stats.

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Monthly ($147/month) | Semi-Annual ($127/month) – Save $120 per 6 months | Annual ($97/month) – Save $600 per year!

Why waste thousands of dollars testing ads blindly? For about what you spend on coffee, discover proven angles to start profiting within hours.

Telegram channels
Free trial

The service analyzes everything related to Telegram channels. With its help, you can search for effective sites for advertising and view detailed statistics. You can also find mentions of the channel and find out which posts are generating traffic and subscribers. All in all, it is a must-have for administrators and SMM people working with Telegram.

 Free trial is the largest analytics service for Telegram channels. Now it’s hard to find an administrator who has never heard of it at all

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