5 AI Photo Generators for Creating Non-Existent People

5 generators of faces of non-existent people. Neural networks for generating photos of people. A selection of neural networks for generating realistic photos of non-existent people. An alternative to the ThisPersonDoesnotExist site.

1. Random Face Generator
2. Bored Humans
3. Unreal Person
4. Which face is real
5. Generated photos

5 AI Photo Generators 

Random Face Generator

Creates a random human face in 1 click. Artificial intelligence generates photos of a man, woman or child.

Random Face Generator

One-click generation.
The AI face generator is based on StyleGAN.
Free generation is available.
Link: https://this-person-does-not-exist.com

Bored Humans

This neural network was trained to create fake people using a database of 70,000 photos of real people.

Bored Humans

One-click generation.
There is an old version on StyleGAN-Tensorflow and a new version — StyleGAN Chainer.
There are 50 funny pages of Artificial intelligence (AI).
Free service.
Link: https://boredhumans.com/faces.php

Unreal Person

It is an artificial intelligence image generator that has been trained on billions of human faces to create a completely new face that does not exist.

Unreal Person

One-click generation
Generation of human faces, animals and art images.
Completely free service
Link: https://www.unrealperson.com

Which face is real

All images are either computer generated using StyleGAN software, or are real photos from the FFHQ Creative Commons dataset and publicly available images.

The site offers to guess which photo is real. When you click one of them, the correct option will be highlighted with a green frame. So the second one is a generated neural network.

Which face is real

One-click generation
The page displays 2 photos – one real, the second generated.
Link: https://www.whichfaceisreal.com/index.php

Generated photos

The service generates faces according to the specified parameters.

Generated photos

Generation of faces, portraits, emotions, objects, surfaces
There is a choice of background
There is a choice of face generation, head pose, gender, age and so on.
Free rate and paid rate — $19.99
Link: https://generated.photos/faces/

Universal telegram bot library. Bot list telegram

Bot telegram

10 Universal telegram bot library

Telegram universal bot library allows you to create bots that you can interact with.

telegram bot library

Telegram bots – it started as a hobby that allows you to play games, find friends, find new bots and even create bots – the possibilities are endless. But today it’s an entire industry that’s growing at lightning speed. Today I will tell you about useful bots, as well as where you can always find new bots.

Telegram has long been a hub not only for communication, but also for the use of multifunctional bots. In this material, we have collected several useful bots that save your time and significantly simplify your work.

Bot list telegram

TrafficRobot (@TrafficRobot)

If you need a temporary email address for tests or registrations, you can use this bot. The duration of the temporary mail is 10 minutes.

Watermark bot (@wmarkbot)

With this bot, you can easily place watermarks on images. If you want to share statistics or useful infographics and want to keep the authorship, use your watermark.

ihashbot (@ihash_bot)

A useful bot that can generate a list of hashtags for a given image. You upload an image and get a list of suitable hashtags.

ProtectronBot (@ProtectronBot)

The bot is used for high-quality spam removal. For example, if a new user has logged in to a chat and posted posts with links, they will be automatically deleted. It is especially good to use the bot for good atmospheric chats, which sometimes get spammers.

Instatube Bot (@Instatube_bot)

If you see an interesting ad on Instagram and would like to save it for future reference or inspiration, just copy the link to the post and it will load the creo. 

SoberuBot (@Soberubot)

The bot can collect the active audience of the selected Instagram account. For example, if you need to analyze your competitors. Up to 3 accounts are available in the free version.

Voicy (@voicybot)

The bot allows you to convert voice to text. There is a fairly large language base.

Website Monitor (@website_monitor_bot)

If you have a large number of sites in your arsenal, this bot will help you track their activity. It will check the domains every 5 minutes and report the results.

UTM Generator (@UtmGeneratorBot)

A simple and convenient UTM tag generator. You just need to register a link to the site. The bot will do the rest.

AAAAArobot (@aaaaarobot)

Perhaps the most useful of the bots. If you have merged into the negative or you have something that does not work, you can shout along with this bot. He will definitely support you.

Telegram Bot Catalog

Bots are available to purchase ads and embed your bots

Monetization of Telegram Channels

Multifunctional tool to automate the process of advertising in the messenger Telegram. Your opportunity to develop a media business in Telegram honestly, transparently and efficiently!

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