Reels instagram format. Instagram adds Reels Replies feature

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Instagram adds Reels Replies feature. Hello, guys! Instagram is adding Reels Replies, another creative way to interact with short videos. This feature will allow users to respond to comments in Reels format. Instagram adds Reels Replies feature

Instagram has officially announced the ability to reply to comments with Reels

Now, when users want to respond to someone’s comment on a post, they will have the option to click on the distinctive blue button to record Reels. Once a video response is recorded, it will appear as a sticker that can later be sent.
Instagram Adds Reels RepliesIn view of the trend toward short videos, the option will be a great tool for increasing engagement on the social network. Essentially, the innovation is similar to the same feature that TikTok added last June.

You could say the feature is an already outdated version that was borrowed from TikTok. Despite this, Instagram Reels is performing well, and millions of users interact with Reels clips daily. If Meta can retain the majority of its audience with short videos, it will be a significant win against TikTok.

Meta said it is currently focusing on a younger audience. As part of its development, it really needs to become a leader again, not a follower of the latest trends.

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