How to make a gif out of a youtube video or any video

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Creating a gif from a video with no effort!

We will need:

  1. Instagiffer (software in which we will make a gifka).
  2. Video.
  3. Ezgif (there we’ll optimize our avatar for lolz size).

Start at

  1. Install instagiffer – download.
  2. Download the video you need via savefrom.
  3. Open instagiffer and press “Load Video”.

3.1 A brief guide to the interface:

Here we choose where the video starts from. Here you can choose from 1 for hours, 2 for minutes, 3 for seconds, 4 for milliseconds and Length for the length of the gif.



Responsible for the FPS. the higher, the smoother the picture. the more fps, the larger the future gif will be.

Frame size

Responsible for the size of the gif (width, length there) it’s worth twisting to adjust the width of the gif to 200.


Defines color quality. Sometimes it helps to optimize your gifka. It is recommended to set it to around 50.

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4. Choose the start time of the gif and the time.

Choose the start time of the gif and the time.

5. Set the size of the gifka so that its width was exactly 200 pixels and its length was no more than 399 pixels.

6. We press the Create Gif button and wait. After rendering the program will show us the gif.

But if something is wrong it shows this table. This means that the gif is big, let’s move on.

7. Go to ezgif, upload your gif.

8. Gif is loaded, you see this:

Set lossy gif to 200 + delete every 4 frames.

9. Click Optimize GIF.


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