China will launch a state-run marketplace for NFT trading

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NFT tokens are so popular that China will launch the world’s first state-run marketplace to deal with them. The marketplace will launch on January 1 during an offline event in Beijing. Its name translates as “China’s digital asset trading platform.”

What can the platform do? It will help Chinese traders buy NFT, as well as digital copyrights and property rights. It’s just like with digital works of art: they can be traded on closed and strictly regulated platforms.

Is an NFT platform a positive thing? Absolutely. Apparently, China is not going to ban the crypto industry. True, it doesn’t use the term NFT, instead it uses “digital collectibles.”

Is China loosening regulations? It seems that they are going to create an investor-friendly environment there. For example, recently the Celestial Empire allowed some companies to audit for the American regulator.


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