5 AI Photo Generators for Creating Non-Existent People

5 generators of faces of non-existent people. Neural networks for generating photos of people. A selection of neural networks for generating realistic photos of non-existent people. An alternative to the ThisPersonDoesnotExist site.

1. Random Face Generator
2. Bored Humans
3. Unreal Person
4. Which face is real
5. Generated photos

5 AI Photo Generators 

Random Face Generator

Creates a random human face in 1 click. Artificial intelligence generates photos of a man, woman or child.

Random Face Generator

One-click generation.
The AI face generator is based on StyleGAN.
Free generation is available.
Link: https://this-person-does-not-exist.com

Bored Humans

This neural network was trained to create fake people using a database of 70,000 photos of real people.

Bored Humans

One-click generation.
There is an old version on StyleGAN-Tensorflow and a new version — StyleGAN Chainer.
There are 50 funny pages of Artificial intelligence (AI).
Free service.
Link: https://boredhumans.com/faces.php

Unreal Person

It is an artificial intelligence image generator that has been trained on billions of human faces to create a completely new face that does not exist.

Unreal Person

One-click generation
Generation of human faces, animals and art images.
Completely free service
Link: https://www.unrealperson.com

Which face is real

All images are either computer generated using StyleGAN software, or are real photos from the FFHQ Creative Commons dataset and publicly available images.

The site offers to guess which photo is real. When you click one of them, the correct option will be highlighted with a green frame. So the second one is a generated neural network.

Which face is real

One-click generation
The page displays 2 photos – one real, the second generated.
Link: https://www.whichfaceisreal.com/index.php

Generated photos

The service generates faces according to the specified parameters.

Generated photos

Generation of faces, portraits, emotions, objects, surfaces
There is a choice of background
There is a choice of face generation, head pose, gender, age and so on.
Free rate and paid rate — $19.99
Link: https://generated.photos/faces/

Youtube studio updates. Updates YouTube Studio app

youtube update 2021

Hello, fans of the web space! YouTube has unveiled several new updates to its YouTube Studio mobile app. They will provide more features for easy management of your channels on both PCs and mobile devices.

Youtube studio updates
Youtube studio updates

Youtube studio updates

A really global update can be considered the new filters for finding comments, which will give bloggers the most options for interacting with their subscribers. The updated filter options include:

✔ Comment response status.
✔ Content of the question in the comment.
✔Subscription status of the commenter.
✔ Whether the commenter is publicly subscribed to the channel.
✔Search comments by keywords.

These filters will allow you to respond to all necessary comments from your mobile device in a timely manner. This option can be extremely useful for popular channels with a large number of comments.

New analytics elements

✅YouTube has also added new analytics elements to the YouTube Studio app, bringing it more in line with the desktop version, including subscriber information, comparative view counts and more. In the future, the platform will work to ensure that any metrics added to the desktop version of the app are also available on the mobile platform.

On top of everything else, YouTube has updated the Studio app icon and moved several feature tabs to the new bottom bar, making them more accessible, as they were previously displayed in a three-dot feature menu.

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