5 AI Photo Generators for Creating Non-Existent People

5 generators of faces of non-existent people. Neural networks for generating photos of people. A selection of neural networks for generating realistic photos of non-existent people. An alternative to the ThisPersonDoesnotExist site.

1. Random Face Generator
2. Bored Humans
3. Unreal Person
4. Which face is real
5. Generated photos

5 AI Photo Generators 

Random Face Generator

Creates a random human face in 1 click. Artificial intelligence generates photos of a man, woman or child.

Random Face Generator

One-click generation.
The AI face generator is based on StyleGAN.
Free generation is available.
Link: https://this-person-does-not-exist.com

Bored Humans

This neural network was trained to create fake people using a database of 70,000 photos of real people.

Bored Humans

One-click generation.
There is an old version on StyleGAN-Tensorflow and a new version — StyleGAN Chainer.
There are 50 funny pages of Artificial intelligence (AI).
Free service.
Link: https://boredhumans.com/faces.php

Unreal Person

It is an artificial intelligence image generator that has been trained on billions of human faces to create a completely new face that does not exist.

Unreal Person

One-click generation
Generation of human faces, animals and art images.
Completely free service
Link: https://www.unrealperson.com

Which face is real

All images are either computer generated using StyleGAN software, or are real photos from the FFHQ Creative Commons dataset and publicly available images.

The site offers to guess which photo is real. When you click one of them, the correct option will be highlighted with a green frame. So the second one is a generated neural network.

Which face is real

One-click generation
The page displays 2 photos – one real, the second generated.
Link: https://www.whichfaceisreal.com/index.php

Generated photos

The service generates faces according to the specified parameters.

Generated photos

Generation of faces, portraits, emotions, objects, surfaces
There is a choice of background
There is a choice of face generation, head pose, gender, age and so on.
Free rate and paid rate — $19.99
Link: https://generated.photos/faces/

Reels instagram format. Instagram adds Reels Replies feature


Instagram adds Reels Replies feature. Hello, guys! Instagram is adding Reels Replies, another creative way to interact with short videos. This feature will allow users to respond to comments in Reels format. Instagram adds Reels Replies feature

Instagram has officially announced the ability to reply to comments with Reels

Now, when users want to respond to someone’s comment on a post, they will have the option to click on the distinctive blue button to record Reels. Once a video response is recorded, it will appear as a sticker that can later be sent.
Instagram Adds Reels RepliesIn view of the trend toward short videos, the option will be a great tool for increasing engagement on the social network. Essentially, the innovation is similar to the same feature that TikTok added last June.

You could say the feature is an already outdated version that was borrowed from TikTok. Despite this, Instagram Reels is performing well, and millions of users interact with Reels clips daily. If Meta can retain the majority of its audience with short videos, it will be a significant win against TikTok.

Meta said it is currently focusing on a younger audience. As part of its development, it really needs to become a leader again, not a follower of the latest trends.

Instagram update december 2021


Instagram update december 2021: add a mini-version of your profile on third-party sites. Hello, web traffic enthusiasts! Instagram is expanding its off-platform promotion options and giving you the option to show a mini version of your profile on a third-party site. Instagram: add a mini version of your profile on third-party sites.

Instagram will allow profile sharing

It has become known about Instagram’s plans to expand the functionality of the platform. In the near future, users will be able to share their profile, including videos and photos, on third-party sites. This will be a mini version of the profile, specifically adapted for “dating” on a third party. Instagram officials think it’s a great way to tell more about yourself outside of the platform. You could say it would be a small but visually appealing business card.

Instagram: add a mini version of your profile to third-party sites. It’s hard to say yet whether the tool will be in demand by regular users, but businesses will appreciate mini business cards. Sending site visitors elsewhere isn’t always the right thing to do, but when it comes to your own Instagram profile, things could be different. Such a move would be a new phase in the buyer-seller relationship.

In addition, this is a good way to show the details of the product or service, show some training videos or just talk about the life of the company “behind the scenes”. At this moment we know that the first who will be able to assess the merits of the new tool will be users from the U.S. There is no information about which countries will be connected to the new option, in what order and in what time frame.

Another innovation introduced by Instagram recently is visual responses in Reels. This is the ability to create Reels in response to some of your subscribers’ comments. The trick will come in handy, for example, to promote an item of closet or household items that subscribers are interested in. More tools for interacting with followers is the main direction of Instagram’s development lately.


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