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Where can you go to explore a 1000-year-old #ShaolinTemple, or dig at the famous #Sanxingdui archeological site?
In Baidu’s #CreatorCity! On a möbius ring-shaped planet, iconic Chinese designs integrate with incredible interactive experiences. Join us to explore more! 2021 Baidu Create.

China begins settlement of the Metaverse.

The first 100K colonists will arrive there in 10 days. While Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are only PRing the fantastic future of humanity in the Metaworld, pragmatic China has begun its settlement. On December 27, the Chinese search giant Baidu launches the colonization of the first planet of the Metacelles, Xirang (Earth of Hope). This is a giant VR ribbon of Mobius, created by Baidu VR-platform, inside which up to 100 thousand avatars of the participants of the Baidu AI Developer Conference for 3 days will be immersed in the virtual 3D space of the Land of Hope.
The immersive virtual planet, which resembles the Wonderland, will give the conference participants a flying experience. Here the avatars of all the participants will:
– Watch panel presentations and participate in discussions;
– hang out at the discos;
– visit the exhibit booths of the participants;
– have fun at concerts with the participation of cartoon characters (Optimus Prime from Transformers, etc.);
– travel to ancient monasteries, where monks will teach them Shaolin kung fu;
– and much more: shopping, meeting new people.

Meta Universe Gives

Users will be able to be transported to the Earth of Hope planet from various devices (computers, phones and wearable devices), connect their avatar to a global voice chat and communicate directly with the avatars of other people on the Earth of Hope planet.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world

So while many Western skeptics doubt Zuckerberg’s and Gates’ predictions about moving most meetings and conferences to the Metaworld within 2-3 years, China has already got things rolling in practice.
In addition to Baidu, three Chinese state-owned telecommunications companies – China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom – have been hustling. Already in November, they teamed up with several technology companies to form the Metaverse Industry Committee, China’s first industry group dedicated to the mass repopulation of the Meta-Universe by the Chinese. And at the same time planning to get a fair share of the $800-billion Metaverse market in 3 years.

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