9 best photo editors using neural networks

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9 best photo editors using neural networks In marketing, unique images and photos are always needed. They are needed for both articles and regular ads. It is extremely important that the marketer be able to use new, high-quality pictures and photos without being challenged by other people. This is what this material will talk about.

We’ve put together for you a selection of neural networks that make finding and preparing images for any purpose much easier. These are free tools that also contain additional functionality with a paid subscription.

Face App

Face App

This is a photo processing app from Wireless Lab. Recently, the app has become very popular due to the ability to change the face in a photo to see what a person will look like in old age.

The neural network can now do the following:

Make the person in the photo look old or young
To add a realistic smile
apply makeup
change the hair style
add a beard, glasses, accessories
Apply other filters available
The editor is very handy, it allows you to save images on your device or publish them immediately to social networks. The results are believable and great for any marketing purpose.

The app is free to use, but imposes its FaceApp watermark. Additional features are available by subscription



Movavi is a PC application that can work like a regular photo editor, but with advanced functionality and the use of neural networks. In particular, the program is used to restore old photos.

Among the functionalities is the ability to remove scratches and to automatically redraw damaged elements. The photo below shows an example of using the program. In addition, there are other functions:

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removal of unnecessary objects in the image
applying filters, changing brightness, contrast
apply various filters
change the color of eyes and hair, remove various skin defects
Very often the program is used for posting to Instagram and Facebook.



An application for Android devices that uses neural networks. The head of Prisma Labs is an ex-employee of Mail.ru Group.

With the help of the application, different styles can be applied to a photo to change the overall appearance of the image. The resulting images can be used for further processing or to publish directly to social networks. The photo below is an example of one of the Prisma styles.

You can use the app for free, including a list of certain filters, but the most attractive ones are only available with a subscription



This app is only available for Apple devices. With it, you can create realistic 3D busts based on just one photo. The application is developed by the company itSeez3D.

Currently, the program can perform the following functions:

Create and animate 3D avatars with simple actions
place a ready-made bust on the surface of objects using AR-technology
Create stickers for messengers
You can create a 3D model based on a simple photo or camera shot. However, it is recommended to take a photo with good lighting to improve the quality of the result. FaceHero



Colorize program is developed by Russian specialists from G-Core Labs and has open source code. With the help of a built-in neural network, the application can color black and white photos with realistic colors.

You just need to send the necessary photo and specify the Email address to which you will receive the final result. Usually it takes 10-20 seconds to process a single photo, but for large or complex photos it can take up to 30 minutes.
The service is free, but leaves a rather bright watermark, which you can remove for $10. Free users can upload no more than 50 pictures. With the paid rate, the limit rises to 10,000 images.

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This service was developed with one goal – to remove the background of the photo and leave only the necessary object. Now the application’s neural network handles this task in just 5-10 seconds. The developers do not disclose their algorithms, but indicate that they use neural networks and their own algorithms for processing.

The service now works not only with people, but with other objects as well. In fact, it can be used to highlight any objects in a photo. If necessary, the finished image can be edited, pick up a background for the object and so on.

The service is perfect for any purpose that requires PNG images of objects. In the pictures below you can see the results of the application.



This is a popular neural network based on TensorFlow. It can be used to create completely unique logos based on a few parameters specified by the user. Actually it is a simple logo generator that uses a neural network to generate the result.

You need to specify a few parameters:

The field of activity of your brand
Characters that describe your company
brand name and slogan
2 sets of colors corresponding to brand style
choose the specific colors in which the logos will be made
A few examples of logos you will like from the list of those available
Based on this information, the neural network will create several examples of new logos that fit your specified requirements.

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Nvidia InPainting


Nvidia has launched its own photo retouching tool. With the service, users can upload and fix their photos using a “smart” brush.

The functionality of the application includes the removal of objects from a photo, which is very useful for pictures that have extra objects on them.

This Person Doesn’t Exist

This Person Doesn't Exist

This is one of the most popular services on the web that allows you to generate completely random people’s faces. It uses neural networks from Nvidia and StyleGen.

The neural network uses millions of processed photos to create realistic but totally unique people’s faces from them. When the page is updated, a new fake face appears, which actually belongs to no one. This Person Does Not Exist

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